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What Marketing and PR Initiatives Should You Consider?

When starting a small business, what marketing and PR initiatives should you consider? Answer: Publicity. Publicity will help you get in peoples hands and in their line of vision. How the do you get publicity? Get your business a write-up … Continue reading

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Social Media Marketing as Spam 2.0 and SPACEBALLS Merchandising Theory

Depending on your preferences, you either love social marketing or loath it. My opinions about social networking have changed and vary depending on which social this or that I am signed into. Joining a social network is not optional; it is … Continue reading

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How Have You Contributed Lately?

I work in several areas: Publicity, Media, Communications and Small Business Development.  I work in these areas of business and creativity as the way for me to contribute. To start, was the social media campaign for a local non-profit, Medical … Continue reading

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A Tool That Can Expose Truth

To find out what the world is thinking, NYC start-up, URTAK is creating some serious conversations with their new tool – by easily letting users start their own surveys and polls. URTAK is democratizing public opinion polling as they encourage … Continue reading

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Learn The Zen Of Change By Investing In Your Education

As technology moves at a break-neck pace we must ask ourselves often, “Am I relevant?”  The skill set you command is the difference between success and failure these days.  Of course, everyone’s idea of success is different and there is … Continue reading

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