Admitting Defeat and That Sand-in-Your-Pockets Feeling

Admitting defeat is difficult. You must view it as temporary and move on. Think of defeat as, “try a different approach next time.”

I had a publicity campaign recently that lent little media coverage for a client. On top of the wave of disgust and outrage that flowed over me, the hardest part was explaining to my client that my efforts fell short of our goals.

The warm sand-in-the-pocket feeling of failure needs to be replaced with the embrace of a needed loss. It was needed to reflect, to humble and to remind – we are always learning.

Why would I write about a “failure?” Because failure happens. We must be grateful for failure because first and foremost we were given an opportunity. If you failed at that opportunity it should teach you to get back up and  dig deeper. Failure provokes you to try harder and take another swing – or at least, that’s what I tell myself.

Let’s go!

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