It Never Hurts To Ask

“Ask for the sale,” is 101 stuff. Why? Because you never know.

If you need help publicizing your thing, just ask. Ask reviewers, publications and other publicists – like me, for help. I am willing to help, ask me a question.

Do reviewers answer you back after you follow up 3 times – sometimes, no. If you haven’t heard from them, move on. Don’t keep at them for a little while. Get some air in there. Let “it” breath. Go back fresh. Think about different angles. Try different initiatives to better your luck with a write up or feature.

That’s it. Swing hard and often.

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  1. Decent Luck says:

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    Keep it simple, stupid. Harsh but true. Get used to failure and hearing “no.” It’s a long race keep running and swinging folks.

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