Shotgun Your Goals, Slow Pitch Batting Cage Style, At First.

Mapping project goals can be tough. At the start, being specific and going for the bulls-eye on a dimly lit board, does not fly for me. All ideas are on the table at first. This helps my personal interactions with others by providing a small, false sense of accomplishment.

Here’s how you start mapping ideas, take the proverbial shotgun approach, at a reasonably close range exploding every idea into small pieces. Think slow pitch at the batting cages. You are in there, with a poorly fitting neon helmet, a horrible stance, gripping the bat hard, all sorts of tense swinging with everything you have you de-f’in-stroy a few lobs, Wack! Feel that? Yeah you do! Either you connect with the ball or you throw out a few muscles. 

At the start of a project, all the heavy lifting occurs. Large objects are swung and loud hollering can be heard as I beat up my ideas, chopping, solidifying and creating a narrow path to my goals. I take large swings, with my eyes closed, blindly massaging a document with campaign ideas, posts, press releases, bios, copy-writing ideas, strategy etc.  After the sweating stops and I catch my breath – I typically have a focused idea of where to go.

At any given time, I have several projects going on at once. I am busy all the time. I have many irons on the fire and that is the way I like it. I persist. I am motivated.

Most importantly, I set broad goals and then narrow them down to specific concepts and paths for my client’s improvement and myself.  Swing away, get sweaty and start today.

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