Contrary Motion Brain Storm. DIY Pitch Development.

A small business, launching a promotion campaign, needs to step outside of itself and look back in – with judgment, skepticism and constant distractions. Carry that muddled ‘meh’ feeling as an albatros when designing your DIY PR campaign. That albatross represents the people receiving your pitches for coverage and bookings. Keep that front of mind.

What is going to cut through all the vanilla fodder out there? 

The journalists you are pitching are very busy. They are inundated with ticker tape statements, email pitches and lolcat photos. Lame, boring, soulless products and passionless people are approaching the same media outlets.

Trash long winded descriptions.

When designing a publicity campaign try talking out loud while writing. Talk with others about your angle. I enjoy long lectures, or long-ish statements with poignant anecdotes and smashing points at the end – on the contrary, for publicity and PR, keep it short, stupid. Write like you speak. Here is some more info about writing out loud.

While you write – talk to yourself, out loud.

Define a concise pitch. Beat it up. Re-write it. Beat it up, again. Let it lay there injured while you think mean things about it, then go back to it and make a mends.

Be contrary during the developmental process. You have less time than you think to make an impression. Be contrary, out loud and on purpose to cover angles and get additional brainstorming ideas. Cut out fodder. Appeal to your target audience with irrefutable facts and worthy intent. 

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