Seek Out Boutique Shops To Help You

If you need publicity help as part of your PR initiatives and cannot afford a larger company – seek out boutique shops to help you. You do not have to be at the mercy of PR mills.20130516-143307.jpg

Be honest with your goals for a PR or publicity campaign. If you are unknown, with mild accomplishments and have a great ‘thing,’ maybe all you need is a focused local PR effort – I know, it’s so not glamorous but it may be exactly what you need. Maybe you would like a few strategic places to write about you? Just be real with it and swing really hard!

The promotional process has many angles and sometimes, starting small with realistic goals and hiring a smaller boutique agency, is the right avenue to cruise. It’s OK, you need to start somewhere. If your goals are further along, defined by demographic, customer, age group, lifestyle, income, preferences with quantifiable metrics, branded with smooth navigation, then you can really exploit the services of a larger PR company.

Ask for help when needed, know when to hire out and know what size you need, not want. You know your business the best.

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