6 Ways To Improve Your Writing

Give these a try for a week:
1. Set a schedule – Write every day at the same time.

2. Make notes when inspiration hits – Jog your memory.

3. Do not re-read what you just wrote and keep going – If you stumble, power through to get back on track.

4. Do not proofread until after you take a break – Grab a beverage, think about unrelated garbage for a few minutes, a new pet, a color to paint that ugly chair, a video game, an annoying co-worker or friend, something other than what you just typed up!!!! Then go back to your writing.

5. Once you finish an important piece (and time allows) do not read it for a day – Going back and reading with a first-read perspective is paramount.

6. Don’t forget to take time out to learn often – Look for new resources like this forum called AbsoluteWrite

Keep going.

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