Accomplish Goals, Ruin Relationships and Become a Multitask Ninja.

Not everyone can manage more than one project at a time. Some people just do not have this art in their wheelhouse. Can it be learned? Sure, I guess so. Are some predisposed to be killer at it? Yes.

A great multitasking person may have experienced a botched relationship, or three, in their day. For the singular task-master, this may sound contradictory because a proficient multitasking person should be able to hold it all together: job, projects, passions, philanthropic work, family relationships, errands, squash blah blah. Sounds right? Well, it’s not.

Typically, someone balancing multiple projects has limited “free” time. It is possible to have a decent relationship, but the other person needs to either be, a great multitasking wiz or the most understanding of canceled plans, schedule conflicts, compromise, compromises that are further compromised due to unforeseen “challenges” and last minute mix-ups.

Some people just cannot multitask. They refuse. Arms crossed, feet-a-stamping. No way and no thank you to balancing more than one thing – and that is the beginning of the ride called, botched/ruined relationship. They hate it. They feel rushed. Their feet hurt. They are hungry and need a snack. They need breaks. While some are go-go getters, dancing, taking numbers and lining up the next what-ever-needs-to-be done, Some just ain’t. It seems employers and career experts think this is a learned and “manageable” skill. I disagree. Some are just better at it. Some like it (imagine that).

This post is obviously just an opinion of mine. I am not a psychologist, matchmaker, expert or the best multitasking director at times. I am sharing some observations from my own life and did not reference my claims or link articles supporting my rant. I like a full schedule and add tasks and goals that line up to what I want to accomplish. I like finding solutions and enjoy a great split-second decision resolve.

If you read this post to find the secret to becoming a multi-tasking ninja, I lied. My other posts explain my aversion to hot buzz guru talk. My demur apology.

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