Avoid Being Fodder

Be current, up-to-date and understand what the communication trends are. Many people are reluctant to adopt new, “conversations.” Understanding the benefits of social media is invaluable.

By, “understanding benefits” I mean, ask and research why is Facebook so popular? Why do people sign-on several times a day? Why do people feel the need to share just about everything online? Get into the psyche of it all. It will help you on your DIY approach to marketing.

Don’t be a luddite. It is fine for a skeptical person to tip-toe into the “next hot sh*t” pool. I get that. I like new technologies that increase the reach for the hard-working, small business or small voice. But as everything becomes a “social” event, it’s not always easy to see the benefits straight away, be cautious.

There is a lot of fodder out there.  If you have undeniable traits, services or talents – let it be known. If having several social media sites is too much for you – slim it down. The guide-book is still being written.

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