No Pay Clients: On Purpose and By Accident.

As a small business owner I do billing follow up myself. I am going through this irksome process right now. My good nature got the better of me and prior to full payment I completed a campaign – due to time constraints and lead time. On top of that, I shared strategic ideas in hopes to further engage the client.

I keep asking for payment via overdue invoice notices, email, text and calls. Stay true and be persistent, is a repeating theme for Decent Luck and even more so as a bill collector.  I haven’t resorted to Twitter or Instagram for getting payment yet, and I stress, yet. Maybe that is the only way to be a DIY bill collector now-a-days? 2.0 anyone? Instagram an overdue invoice and post it on your wall? I’m kidding. Legal bills are not what I’m looking for.

While performing “2.0” bill collecting, I added a pro bono client. Why? Because the “best practices” flow chart does not jive with me sometimes.  I like the client’s service and it is something I personally enjoy doing in my free time (buying vinyl records). Let me add, I offered this free service on a karma basis.  How come no one ever adds “karma” to their business plan anyway?

In both instances, struggling to get payment and working pro-bono, I work for free. Some may say I’m getting fooled, especially after finishing a service prior to payment. But then doubly self-fooling my business by pro-bono-ing myself during the 2.0 billing-instagram efforts?  Foolish? Possibly, but I am happy I did.

With a good quarter century to my golden years, I have a lot to learn, a lot of work to do and a lot of people to help. Everything is a learning experience and I do not have all the answers, in other words, I like to learn (with all possible haste) sometimes.

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1 Response to No Pay Clients: On Purpose and By Accident.

  1. Joe says:

    I like the ‘bill collector 2.0’ angle. Shaming someone on Instagram with a past due invoice is the waive of the future

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