Hiring Out Is Just Like Dating and Running Shoes

In many cases, doing everything yourself is a time suck and better allocation of resources would be a better bet. Personally, as a DIY lifer, I learned hiring out was the way to go many times – the hard way.

I gravitate towards getting my hands and mind dirty (yes, this happens too); not based solely on saving a few bucks, but as colleagues and friends know, I like to try first before hiring out. Designing websites, layout, logos, car brakes, making an old track bike a ‘fixie,’ rewiring guitar pedals, fashioning a light box for a photographer friend, welding, installing springs and shocks to a vehicle nick-named rolling–thunder, crap like that. I love working on projects but learned through my “I can do that” attitude, there is a point where hiring out is just better time spent. Learn when to say when.

My enthusiastic DIY spirit comes from the, “if you want a job done right..” attitude. (And do not forget the ‘meh’ feeling, that if, said DIY task brakes/falls apart/fails, it’s cool, it’s cool – I did it – there’s no one else to blame). It’s safe to say we all have experienced hiring out for “X” and wound-up making 30 phone calls to get “X” done right, or just satisfactory. I cannot stand the teacher-over-the-shoulder approach to hiring out with some people!  Where is pride of ownership or a job well done to some people?

Once you do find the right person, or service, it really is a great feeling. They take pride in what they do for you.  Smart businesses know repeat customers and referrals are at the heart of their survival. Hiring out is just like dating and running shoes – some are better than others, some are more comfy, some have reflective letters and insignia, some look great but are hard on the arch, some are just a great fit!

Consider time allocation and using your resources wisely. Know when to say when while DIY-ing! I wish you decent luck with that.

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