Buy a House and Pitch a Journalist Using Twitter

I do not agree with cold pitching writers on Twitter. I like Twitter as a private news aggregate and an easy way to keep current with industry discussions. I understand the need for a fast concise pitch but I am not going to do it on Twitter. I may however, after contact, send a follow-up on Twitter (only after contact – meaning they responded to me in the past.) I will admit that down the road I will probably be completely wrong with my current view but right now I’m standing my ground – no political vanilla answers here.  Why would I send a pitch to all my followers and all the writers followers? It’s spamy and in bad taste.

Having an “easy” reach to people using social media is great. Never before has a playing field been so level. Unfortunately, like all great things many people abuse, over play and take advantage of a great service. There’s no sense of exclusivity with a cold Twitter pitch and reminds me of annoying pop-ups you do not look at.

I hold true to targeted well researched pitches via email and if I find out a writer, or site, likes pitches on Twitter, I’ll consider it. I don’t “Twitter stalk” and will not pretend friendship if I haven’t met you in real life. Hey, there is a chance, through cordial contact and helping each other out, a rapport may develop – I really hope so – but so do 10% of their 20K plus followers!

Would you buy a house or rent an apartment from a twitter description?

Mull it over for 4 seconds. Yes, there would be a link to a full description, but after a short while the actually tweets would start to read the same. AMAZING, BEST, CUTE, PERFECT LOCATION, COMMUTERS DREAM, WON’T LAST LONG, YOUR SEARCH STOPS HERE, and more crap like that – look at craigslist if you don’t believe me – it is spam m’fin city!  Even specific detailed housing tweets would start looking like band names like: 3 bdrm, 2 bath, basktbll crt, yacht pking, slip/slde trcks, writing rm, again – just more bull fodder.

Twitter has great uses – Pitching and direct one way selling/marketing is not one them. I’m not being vanilla about it. I don’t like it. Maybe as things progress I will change my mind and give ninja guru pitches on Twitter, but for now it’s still a spam guido bar for me. Just like, “5 Ways to increase you social media..blah blah” fodder tweets. I will occasional read them (and stats show more people do click on them) –txt fodder fodder fodder to consume consume consume.

Go ahead exploit a good thing. Not everything is paint by numbers and easy. Buying a house and pitching a journalist are not easy to do. They take time, research, comparison,and you should have something to back up your bids. If I seem scattered today, so be it, it’s Monday and wanted to share.

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5 Responses to Buy a House and Pitch a Journalist Using Twitter

  1. segmation says:

    Not all paint by numbers are easy, some go outside the box!

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