The Easy Road To Sustainability, Luck Happens?

Are you suffering from social media malaise? The symptoms are: no one likes you, no one re-tweets you and the only people who like your posts are spamy leach companies that want you to pay for their snake oil twitter/like follower-getter.

As my World War II vet grandfather says, “puck ‘em.”

Hopefully, by now you realize there is no easy road to the sustainability. Keep this in mind while you work towards whatever goal you set. If you disagree with this, contact me and I’ll share more words my grandfather uses.

If you wish to be noticed, be relentless. If your first short story doesn’t get a response, power-on and continue to write. If your clothing line fails miserably, keep designing. If you have no contacts in your field, do research, then do some more research and start getting out there. We all could add many more scenarios to the, “be relentless list.”

For all the paint-by-numbers businesses/services/experts/strategies out there, there are individuals shooting for long dividends from hard work, continued learning and constant striving (*hint – the latter should be you). Luck happens from persistence and sweat. The point here, which you have heard before is – don’t stop because it is hard or you get discouraged.

You have to love it and pursue your goal with that love. In doing so, you come to find enjoyment out of the work. The avenues named “work” and “persistence” lead to, “lucky break” and the freedom from social media malaise.  Keep at it! 

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