Promoting In A Sea Of Other Widgets

Let’s talk about promoting your widget. I use the word widget because it’s a lifeless and cold word. Look bluntly as you approach your pitch.

  • What question are you answering with your #####?
  • What makes your ##### different?
  • Why should someone write about #####?

Your widget is swimming in a sea of other widgets. Separate yourself from your work and look at it as a commodity. Eww. Yes, a frigging commodity like corn. I dislike our human tendency to neatly categorize everything but we do it.

If you want to self-promote, market, pitch and sell you must separate the creative processes and the promotional process by thinking of your work as a widget. Why are people so heartless? Why do they have to categorize? Why do I have to compare my unique store to another store? Through this process you will, for better or worse, create what avenues to try with your marketing plan.

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