Rock Star Office Job, Hot Lingo Modifiers and Engaging Kool-Aid

I ended my last post asking you to resist the use of corporate jargon and vanilla speak. In the same section of the corporate park, let me spat about the zany use of adjectives like, “rock star, guru and ninja.” Decent Luck Vanilla Lingo

Rock stars, ninjas and gurus fill rooms, bring the likes, get follows and make engaging kool-aid, supposedly. They grace all industries and can be out-of-pocket while going forward and drilling down – all at the same time (it’s really not that hard). Ninjas never lose, Rock stars drink like college freshman and that’s just awesome. Why are Gurus included in this bunch anyway? Oh, they have the correct answer for everything, who doesn’t love that?! You know who’s a guru? Lemmy, of Motorhead.

Best of all, these hot lingo modifier types tend to take chances only after ripping off people who came before them. They read all the detailed blog posts of other rock stars, as to not soil their bad-ass, know-it-all, smooth moves. Their new 2.0 ways are calculated and acceptable by now – no disruption is actually going on. Are employers really looking for ninjas or someone to bounces along in the vanilla lane?

Unfortunately, modifiers survive and so will the companies and clientele looking to hire these types.

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