The 2013 Bug says, “Don’t talk Shenanigans.”

Own etHope your holidays went decent and your new years was filled with colorful images, smiles, warm hugs and fantasy. If you managed to avoid ‘catching cold’ this winter – you are lucky, but there is no way to skate the, ‘2013 bug.’

The ‘2013 bug’ is the build up and pressure you feel during and after the new year hits. It’s all the shoulda’s, gotta’s and new goals you set. Just keep in mind, pace yourself and keep that marathon mindset.

Also as a favor to the world, ditch any corporate jargon you may have latched on to last year. The use of vanilla speak is not flattering and moves you to dolt status. Admit it, you never used the phrases, “going forward,” “champion” or “own it,” more in your life! If you are one of the handful of people reading this blog, you probably don’t use those words and forgive me for the accusations. It’s a new year, almost a month in – start fresh and catch that runners high – it’s not a sprint and don’t talk shenanigans.

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