Who Can You Trust With Your Baby? Market Your Passion.

Marketing your passion and outlining a publicity plan is exhausting and possibly sickening. Making your baby your business is difficult. Your proximity to your project makes tough decisions next to impossible. If you are a smart, time effective person you know when to hire out – but who can you trust with your baby?

Candy Apple and Razorblade.

Through personal experience as an artist, most ‘expert’ marketers or publicists have little to no skin in the game. They consider themselves spin masters, word smiths and ‘rock stars’ (if you do not believe me look at their company job postings) but created little in their personal lives except large business lunch expenses and schlepy press releases. Yes, schlepy. For the most part, these creative service providers have created nothing themselves but large unwarranted egos and prissy attitude towards underdogs and unknowns. Their ‘job’ is to promote your passion without knowing the work involved to create. What investment do they have in your work? How is it possible to relate to the last few years of your life writing a book or putting together a creative service when they have done nothing but promote others? I wonder how a ‘phenom’ publicist, pr ‘guru’ or a marketing ‘specialist’ can realistically understand what it is like to create something. They may have a white paper, social media primer and a handful of self-help materials for sale on their website but what have they actually made?!!

Once a finished product is in your hands it is easy to formulate a marketing plan that may or may not work. It is easy to be a Monday morning quarterback and say the cover of your book should have been… or your website should have better CTA’s or the reason a campaign had subpar results was due to your baby’s attitude or outfit. As the one looking to hire out, do you need constructive criticism? Yes. Do you need a seasoned opinion from those in the know? Yes. Do you need to take an opinion from a prissy, o.m.g-ing sheltered, up-tight know-it-all? NO. You want honesty and grit. You want someone who’s been on the other side of the table and begrudgingly given up their baby to marketers. You want a seasoned publicist with the working knowledge of the creative process you go through every day – that you can freely express concerns to.

Personally, I entered the publicity world over 10 years ago as a backlash to the people described above. As an artist, business owner and publicist I need to feel comfortable and truly trust whose holding my baby. I demand someone who’s walked the walk and knows what is like to jump a crushing hurdle that almost made you give up.

DECENT LUCK and its team of colleagues have skin in the game and are undyingly creative. A degree, case studies, nice offices and business lunches do not make a better marketer or publicist, having loss and won does. If you want someone to stroke your ego and promise you the world, ask a “rock star publicist” for help.

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