Social Media Marketing as Spam 2.0 and SPACEBALLS Merchandising Theory

Depending on your preferences, you either love social marketing or loath it. My opinions about social networking have changed and vary depending on which social this or that I am signed into. Joining a social network is not optional; it is ubiquitous with promotions of everything and a necessary evil – in my opinion.

When MySpace started, like soooo long ago, I was a touring musician, (7 months out of the year) and I liked the ‘advantage’ social websites gave to the little guy’s voice. If you worked hard, made a great song (or for other industries: a product or service) and kept up with the people who liked you – you made some headway and gained ground – or it felt like that, sort of. Now, if not done tastefully and with respect for others – promoting on social networks is “the new spam.”  Let’s call it Spam 2.0 for those who love corporate jargon.

Maybe I am old school but I don’t like daily self-serving messages for a brand.  After all, most marketers will advise you to look at yourself as a brand if you do anything.  If you are looking for a job: you want to have a themed resume, Facebook page, LinkedIn, website, blog, Flickr, tumblr, instagram… yadda yadda page. Exposed and well thought out the current status quo is vanilla, with a helping of vanilla – it is expected.  If you want to apply for a new job, or get more fans for your needlepoint fan page – brand it. Brand your brand!

Using a tool for an intended job is perfect – nothing feels better than have a 9mm socket when fixing any Honda vehicle – believe me, I know. But using a screwdriver as a car key – will work but only a couple of times before you need to ‘get’ a new car. After a while, not only have you destroyed the keyhole, but the steering column is exposed and destined to attract the police.  Getting back to my point, social networks are great tools when used wisely – if you have something to say –make sure it’s a worthy contribution, or the police (fans/people) will spot you!

Check your favorite blogger, website, band, artist etc and it’s always, what’s next? It reminds me of Spaceballs merchandising scene .

I believe there is a responsibility for people to create and contribute, in the old fashioned journalistic way of informing. Yes, it’s idealistic but quality does shine in the sea of static that is out there. Everything takes time and some may find the shortcuts and some may die along the way – I prefer to keep some integrity and do the best job I truly can and tastefully promote. I’m not a late night infomercial of garbage; I’m a conversation you happen to have waiting in line for the same movie or concert.idealistic.  Being famous for being famous, or selling baseless images to bored people who think they are judges on American Idol doesn’t sit right with me. A friend of mine may say that I’m trying to, “keep it in the basement” but I don’t believe so.

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