The ‘How’ & ‘Who’ Of Your Campaign?

Before starting a marketing strategy, PR initiative, publicity campaign, or product launch, ask yourself, how will I (or XYZ brand) be received? Yes, a simple question, but after briefly brainstorming, you may note several options. After working on the “how” side of things, this inevitably leads to, “who” will receive your messages? When designing a campaign, start with the “how” and “who” questions!

Decent Luck Rubber Band Ball

How would you market this? Who would buy it?

Here are some questions for finding the target audience for the “Rubber Band Ball” – How cool is it? How is it used? How useful is it? How does it look? How much does a person have to shell out for it? By moving down the “how” list – a person, your “who,” will start to appear. Who will think it’s cool? Who will find it useful? Who will care how it looks? Who is really going to spend $100 on it?

You can not blanketing everyone, it doesn’t work. Not everyone likes the rubber band ball or your creative service. Narrow down the “how” and “who” before you launch.

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