Twitter Stalking and Reaching Media

Reaching media contacts through Twitter is a growing preference by topic-seeking journalists and writers. Tight deadlines and turnaround times for writers make the move to a relevant Twitter message more acceptable. While attending several NYC Social Media Week events earlier in the month this point was confirmed.

An overwhelming majority of journalists have packed inboxes with impersonal attempts at getting coverage.  A relevant Twitter message may help your topic get noticed if approached correctly. Simply following a reporter on Twitter and sending them your information is not the process. Showing interest a journalists beat as you follow them, some call this twitter stalking, is OK to do -but use your head and be a professional send them a friendly note about their work or about a relevant topic they might like.

Building relationships and community around your work is your priority as a business or artist seeking coverage. The old press release does not work – it is similar to shouting your agenda at people eating breakfast. Today’s new media writers and younger journalists have a different approach and you cannot take spittle out of someone’s coffee.

Get to know your audience and who reaches them. Understand the type of article that writer likes and introduce yourself after you have the facts. One well-placed pitch will garner much more than a mention this way – it will expand your community, network and possible land a great write-up.

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