The Reasons You Will Hire A Publicist

Hiring a publicist is an important part of getting noticed. Can it be done in-house with existing staff or the DIY style? Possibly. The main reason you will hire a publicist is to pitch media and get coverage.

Accessing the right contacts and using your time as a business owner effectively is a priority. Knowing when to delegate responsibility is a smart move for the over extended small business owner or artist. Hiring a publicist leaves time to work on products, services and artwork. When hiring a publicity company an agreed upon, and researched, message reaches the right people – getting coverage. A publicity company should welcome your input and collaborate with you – not leave you in the dark.

On average a full-time publicist handles 5-6 projects monthly – due to time constraints. Much of the work involved with a publicity campaign is research – an intangible asset – yet amazingly crucial. Tailoring emails and pitches to a specific media outlet is the only professional way to go about a publicity campaign. This method takes time and needs to result in coverage and a return on your investment. Blasting emails, or sending boiler plate pitch letters, will result in an extremely limited response and is not recommended. You should find a small publicity company that will tailor a campaign for a reasonable price rather then just blasting emails. A publicist excels in using the right tactics, at the right time, to approach an editor, reviewer or media contact – everyone has deadlines and an existing workload to maintain.  Please feel free to ask for more information about publicity campaigns service, email Decent Luck here.

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