The Customized Consumer Wants To See Your New Profile

A few years ago, starting fresh with a new networking site seemed like duplicate work.  Today, creating a new profile is part of staying current. A quick search for Google+, will show SEO blogs, tech sites and developers discussing the benefits Google+ profile improving ranking, here is DECENT LUCK’s profile :).

Is it a great tool that shows in searches now? Is a great way to clean out your virtual networking slate and start fresh? This extension of social marketing is the next chapter in networking (for now), get used to it and add another profile.

Ideas of changing, upgrading, and abandoning the old are common today. In the past limited customers were at the mercy of industry standards and styles. Now, new social networks change the tailored view of customers, daily.  It is your duty as a creative business owner to be seen and use what is available.

New, beneficial sites like Google+ are available to build and not burn, keep your “old” networking sites.  Increase your visibility and welcome the customized customer – through their preferred networking site.

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