Why Take Free Publicity?

Why would a business not take advantage of free publicity?  Believe it or not, there are still many businesses out there with little, or no, online presence. When I ask business owners why they have not taken advantage of Facebook, Twitter or creating a website, many reasons are time related or simply lack of understanding.

When a brick and mortar business is already established the addition of an online presence shows customers a willingness to hear from them.  Old communication models of marketing, i.e. direct marketing mailers or radio/TV ads, are becoming less effective to new audiences and potential customers with more and more distractions. Customers want effective answers and solutions to their questions or wants.

Engaging customers are common now and leads to people noticing your services.  Time and education can bring these efforts to another level, like hiring someone to extend the digital reach  – like the digital marketing campaigns I help with.  More importantly starting an online business page and “trying out” new technologies tells your customers, the business is staying current and cares what it’s customers think.  How about considering that these efforts are services offered with no overhead.  The information provided to potential customers – for free – expands your businesses message to another set of eyes.

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