How Have You Contributed Lately?

I work in several areas: Publicity, Media, Communications and Small Business Development.  I work in these areas of business and creativity as the way for me to contribute.

To start, was the social media campaign for a local non-profit, Medical Angel Donations.  Non Profits are typically over extended and spread thin so, simply contributing thoughts and efforts go a long way.  Through traditional print, online and social networking sites, I assisted their media outreach by acquiring press coverage.  During this time a co-worker asked me to help start her new clothing design business, YTeez.  After a few conversations I became involved with digital marketing efforts and developing her social network.  Her Etsy site is still in development and has a unique spiritual twist to clothing design.

Further feeding the creative bug more, I decided to use my off hours towards a personal passion, music.  In a few short months, I cultivate musical ideas for POUR THE PIRATE SHERRY and I uploaded songs on soundcloud – distributed through the normal social networking channels.  All these outlets are used for expression, not only to feed my creative needs but to contribute.

By keeping current with my passions of Publicity, Media, Communications and Small Business Development I keep up a happy work ethic.  Contributing is placing something unique in a barren empty room for others to see and appreciate.  Have you contributed lately?

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