Follow Your Passions. Be Positive. Live Now.

Share and follow your passions.  Be positive.  Live now.  I tell myself these things daily.  It is easy to get down and negative.  Stop looking at the darker side of things by seeking fault or the downside – I know how easy it is!  One of the best things I’ve done for myself in a long time has been by positivity challenging myself to sharing more of my ideas, writing, music and advice.In the past year, I acted upon and followed through ideas and passions without much over thought – and I feel great for it.  I started these pursuits with positivity.  I took an extensive class on digital marketing at Rutgers, started writing this blog – another ‘why not’ situation, put a lot more time into my writing, recording and releasing my music – Pour The Pirate Sherry, assisted a non-profit with their social marketing –Medical Angels and reached out to passionate small business owners like URTAK, GYPSY WARRIOR, BECCA ROACH at NORTH STAR TATTOOS, HAIR APOCALYPSE for interviews and most of all I simply decided to share my thoughts.As I recently stepped in the theoretical role of  Manager of Happiness, I must encourage people to give something you’ve always wanted to do a try – you never know what will happen.  If you do not challenge yourself and like playing it safe, please go back to the heard  – it’s so comfortable there.

A success story is not following this post, I am simply suggesting to work towards what you feel – too much time can be spent debating or analyzing, move now.Thank you to all my friends and family who inspire me to keep creating and encourage me to keep things moving!If you are inspired by those around you or have gotten some encouraging words that have turned things around for you please feel free to comment and share.  If you think I’m ‘full of it’ – share that, I want like to hear your voice!

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