Are You A Creator or An Entertainment Glutton?

“Everyone creates,” a friend of mine said.  I couldn’t deny that comment, but I see the relationship between a content consumer and creator harshly divided.  Are you an entertainment glutton?  Well, do you create as much as you consume?  Or, do you fall somewhere in the middle?  I landed on a blog post a few days ago discussing this topic perfectly, “Are You a Content Consumer or Creator,” by Brian Solis.

Create Consume RepeatPrior to reading the content consumer vs. creator post, I had been thinking of the two sides a lot.  Personally, I found it difficult to clearly mark off this debate neatly in two parts.  At first I thought there were only creators and spectators, which was wrong.  Then a pal reminded me, “everyone creates.”  True, but there has to be a difference in creating I thought.  My problem was describing the difference between the two.  Once I landed on the Solis blog post, I realized he outlined this debate perfectly.  Here’s a quote from the post:

“I found myself thoroughly enjoying the ability to consume content in a very interactive manner that fooled me into thinking I was creating even though I was simply curating and sharing. To counter the sensation, I purchased a keyboard and a stand.  They had me believing, but then I did the math.”

“Fooled into thinking I was creating” is such a great line.  I mean, what is the definition of not creating? People may look at themselves as creative people but are they simply masquerading as such?  Creating something with your own voice is crucial.  It is crucial to you and, of course, to the “entertainment gluttons” out there.  How many have actually found their voice?  The journey is part of the creation process.

It is difficult to create more than you consume.  I work on something creative as much as possible: my music, my ultra humble attempt at writing, thinking of ways to continue my pursuits and learning.  The difficulty I have describing these two sides is a good problem.    Please ask yourself, “Are you a content consumer or creator?”  Use your voice.

Watch this video found at,  “The Future of Art.”


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